Thurston Moore's Top 10 Greatest Non-Sonic Youth Hits

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8. Thurston Moore: Talking Head
Yo, Thurston is an authority. Cause he was there, inventing It or watching someone else invent It. His record collection is bigger than The Library of Congress, but with more Harry Pussy 7''s.

7. Thurston Moore: Record Label Executive
Ecstatic Peace!, Moore's 30-plus year old record imprint, casts a wide net. He's released everything from harsh noise to Miami natives Monotract to reissues of Andrew W.K.'s instrumental piano Cadillac-themed concept album.

6. Thurston Moore vs. Nardwuar
This is technically related to Sonic Youth. But the centerpiece isn't music. It's Grade A, top shelf, blue ribbon shit-talking. And while all of his bandmates get their licks in on poor Nardwuar, it's Thurston Moore who delivers repeated Stone Cold Stunners.

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