10 Best YouTube Videos About Jesus or Other Messianic Figures

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Let's be honest, why would anyone ever watch anything other than YouTube? It's like a wealth of brilliant user-uploaded knowledge and information. So what if it's getting monetized and taken over by Google? We live in America, baby! We'd be disappointed if this wasn't the case.

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To start the holiday season right, here is a top ten list of funny Jesus-y videos. Learn some dance moves, pick up some workout tips, and even find out a thing or two about the Church of Latter Day Saints! Every retail store skips Thanksgiving, so why shouldn't we?

10. David's Got Soul
We're going to kick things off with a sling, bang, and boom. Who knows who wrote this little ditty, but kudos to everyone involved. The production value is phenomenal. But why is that guy in the crowd wearing a Yankee's cap?

9. Spirit-ed One Workout
Walk the walk, and talk the talk. FIRM believers refer to a higher authority when they work those gluteus.

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