Rusko Admits: "Playing Shows and Doing Drugs Is a Great Diet"

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Before you put out an album with Cypress Hill. Were you a fan? 

Massively. I was a huge Cypress Hill fan. When they hit me up saying they wanted to work together. I felt totally honored. It was really cool. The first thing we did when we got in contact with each other was hang out without making any music. Just listening to tracks. Watching YouTube videos. It was totally cool. It all just came from hanging out. We really had no idea what we were going to do or how we were going to do it. It was daunting though. They were pulling up YouTube videos of me DJing like four years ago, "what's this track? What's this track? I love it." I was like, they were like hardcore fans.

You were fans of each other. I also interviewed Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors and the song you worked on with her "Hold On," it's great. It reminds me of like going to gay clubs when I was younger. 

That was the vibe. That was the idea (Laughs). 

You're considered a dubstep producer and DJ, but, like that track, you also make other kinds of electronic music. What do you consider yourself? 

It's kind of bass focused dance music. I do a bunch of different stuff but the focus is always on the bass line. So, bass line focused dance party music, there you go! How's that?

DJ Rusko, United as One with Gemini and Nadastrom. 9 p.m. Saturday, November 24, at Club Cinema, 3251 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach. Tickets cost $30. Call 954-943-5226, or visit

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