PSY and MC Hammer Bring the Internet to Life with 2 Legit Gangnam Style

MC Hammer and PSY: The Internet come to life

So PSY has presumably whipped millions of Twinkie-hoarding American Music Awards viewers into a frenzy. But this shit ain't over till the washed-up celebrity cashes in like LeBron going in for the one-handed dunk with his tongue out, Jordan-style (Go Heat!). By boldly declaring it was "Hammer Time," PSY imploded the time-cyberspace continuum and turned the Internet into A Real Thing, a quantifiable occurrence.

Heidi Klum was all up on that shit

Heidi Klum was all up on that shit. Cause -- duh -- girl is obviously 2 legit. Maybe this is foreshadowing the next Awards show threeway makeout? Does Heidi Klum do it Gangnam Style?


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