PSY and MC Hammer Bring the Internet to Life with 2 Legit Gangnam Style

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MC Hammer and PSY at the 2012 American Music Awards 

Award shows are fertile ground for mindbending live performance pairings and out-of-nowhere collaborations. Remember when Tupac brought the newly reunited KISS onstage at the 1996 Grammys? Or how about the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, when Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera had a public ménage à trois before summoning Missy Elliott to change the sheets?

Last night, the American Music Awards featured a surprise team-up -- YouTube phenom PSY and early '90s Top 40 rap sensation, MC Hammer -- that ranks among the best moments in the history of WTF collabos.

Oh, and we're pretty sure this whole completely fucking insane spectacle was the final step necessary to -- once and or all -- bring the Internet to life like a pop culture Frankenstein.

We hope the phrase "My homeboy, PSY" becomes a part of popular lexicon.

Exhibit A: Genie pants

When the performance actually starts, we can't help but think, "Now that ya mention it, the Gangnam style dance does look like something MC Hammer would have tried to pull off. And so do PSY's genie pants!"

Jenny McCarthy was stoked!

But we are soon distracted by the robot gang vocals and mad quriky dance moves, which, BTW, are both amazing. So is all of the footage of celebrities who don't get it, are pretending to get it, and the handful of famous fools in the crowd who want the camera on them so bad that they'll ride the Gangnam pony to the border and back if it gets them 3 to 6 seconds of airtime.

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