Perfect Election Day Playlist to Pump You Up While Waiting in a Gargantuan Line to Vote Florida-Style

6. Duelin' Fates 
Doesn't matter who you're voting for, you probably feel like you're on the right side, battling the forces of evil. Good for you. You should feel pretty epic right about now, hence this "Duel of the Fates" tune. Just please don't cut anyone in half; save that for the movies.

5. What's Going On?
Let a comedic reinterp of '90s top 40 radio carry you through this hectic day. Who's judging you for knowing every word of 4 Non Blondes only hit? Not us.

4. Rewrite History
Life is like a hurricane here in Florida! With flip-flopping politicians and a tanking economy, it can be a duck-blur. Just grab on to some ducktails and keep your chin up.

3. Be an Opportunist
Chances are you might be waiting for a fair amount of time with a lot of other people. When that happens, well, the mind tends to wander. Whether similar ideologies turn you on, or you're into that really kinky/rough/argumentative type sex, never forget: Anytime is the right time to score some digits.

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