New Noise Ordinance in Delray Beach Fines People $1,000 a Day; Sucks for Live Music and Raging House Parties. Petition Started to Change It.

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Live Music at Deck 84 before the City of Delray Beach enacted its new noise ordinance

Rules and regulations, ugh.

Sure, they're necessary for some things. But to restrict live music is, for a lack of better words, fucked up. And that's exactly what a new Delray Beach ordinance might do for local business owners, house-party hosts, and folks who listen to music on "11" in their vehicles alike.

County Grind's foodie sister blog, Clean Plate Charlie, reports that Delray Beach's new noise ordinance, sections 99.02, 99.03, and 99.08 of the city code, is threatening live music at some of the city's most popular restaurants and bars, including Deck 84.

"Deck 84's position is that the daytime should be governed by the previous ordinance, which seemed to be very reasonable and fair," Burt Rapoport tells Clean Plate. Rapoport is Deck 84's managing partner and president of Rapoport's Restaurant Group.

"The previous ordinance was that 100 feet from your property line, the noise could not exceed 70 decibels."

Under the new law, live and prerecorded music cannot be heard more than 50 feet from an establishment, or 100 feet from a vehicle.

First time offenders can be fined $1,000, while repeat offenders can be rack up fines up to $15,000 a day if they're not careful and forget to measure sound with 50 rulers--or 15 yardsticks and five rulers, whatever.

As the Clean Plate Charlie post explains, Rapoport has started a petition to get the law scaled back

We've left messages with several other bars and restaurants in the area, as well City Hall, to hear what they think about the new rule. We'll update this blog post as soon as we hear back from them.

In the meantime, tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Let's see...Delray Beach has a bunch of restaurants that have been there forever. They then start allowing all sorts of residential buildings into the business district. The people move in to the"urban" environment and then complain about the noise.

This is just like the people that move near an airport (Boca or PBI), or bridge (Linton) and then start complaining about the noise.

Alexis Terrosa
Alexis Terrosa

Wow, way to make yourself an even bigger hole for the nightlife scene Delray. It's bad enough that the ave looks like a ghost town after 8PM now it's just going to be an old people trap 24/7 or at least from brunch to early bird dinners


Thats about the most excessive noise ordinance ive ever heard of.

Charlie Greer
Charlie Greer

says, "At least no one will be shot -- I Hope!".

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