Mylo Ranger's Not a Jam Band; Host Album Release Party Tonight at the Funky Buddha

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This August, young upstart alternative folk Boca band the Stonecutters decided to change its name to Mylo Ranger. The title is derived from a character in an old Western lead singer Myles Corvalan saw as a kid. Since that time, this five-piece, consisting of former and current FAU students, are out with guns 'a blazing. With laser like focus, the group completed its debut album, Nameless Number One, in a matter of months and is releasing it tonight at the Funky Buddha. 

We rounded up these five trailblazers -- lead singer/rhythm guitarist Myles Corvalan, lead guitarist David Pitruzello, percussionist/guitarist Jason Hester, bassist Bobby Humphreys, and harmonica player Barron van Deusen. The wisecracking bunch rapped to us about their debut, FAU's music program, and how the heck a band can survive in Boca Raton. 

New Times: So tell us, what is it like being a young band in Boca Raton?

Myles: There's a couple small watering holes in Boca, so there's possibility for gigs. In Delray there's an excellent scene, and it's growing. 

Jason: For all the money in this town, it's a shame it isn't bigger, because I've lived in a place where there's not nearly the kind of wealth, but the music scene is much bigger and thriving.

Describe your affiliation to FAU?

Myles: Davey and me are current music majors. Jason graduated from FAU with a degree in commercial music. Jason more or less recorded and produced the album, so there's some practical knowledge put to use. Davey's a music ed. major, who wants to teach guitar someday. Davey calls it his backup plan. 

Has majoring in music helped you guys in any way?

Myles: It's helped me creatively for sure. It's given me new ideas to formulate lyrics and songs. The business side and the intro to law has been a huge help as well,

Do you receive support from FAU?

Myles: We actually rehearse on top of the parking garage, so students hear us playing and come up to check us out. We've made a lot of new fans that way. We've seen a ton of support from FAU students, especially in the music program. We do have a fantastic fan-base there, yeah.

How would you describe your sound to someone that's never heard of you

Myles: We're an overarching genre of alternative rock that takes strongly from folk, rock, and blues. Although I've always said that we sound like what happens if you lock the Foo Fighters in a closet and make them listen to Neil Young for a week. We are what they'd record once they were let out.

I hear a bit of barbershop choir sound, is that intentional

Myles: That is one of the cornerstones of our sound, because all five of us can sing well. 

Jason: Even the dumb ass drummer! 

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Funky Buddha Lounge

2621 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL

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