Fresh Out of the Deck: Mitt Romney's Mixtape for Barack Obama

7. Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind"
We're unsure how Rom got this pick, but we figure he was drawn to the capitalist swagger of bling-bling.

6. King Missile - "Detachable Penis
A detachable penis would be completely covered under the Romney/Ryan healthcare reform plan. Stat!

5. The Eagles - "Hotel California"
Romney is a fan and good friend of Don Felder. We suggest you skip the track because we mean to entertain here, not bore you to tears.

4. Devo - "Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro!"
If you can inspire Devo to pen a tune for your pet, you know you've done something right! I'm gonna strap my cat to my thigh and wear her during election hours! Insert pussy jokes here:_________.

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