Miley Cyrus Makes Out with a Horse in New Borgore Video for "Decisions"

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Miley Cyrus has been living it up lately. She's got a cute blonde lessie 'do, she's been chilling with Miami-native, porn star Jessie Andrews, and smooching on horses. And it's all because of this new Borgore video. 

The three are featured raving out with a goat and bunch of cakes in the video for "Decisions." Cyrus' voice is featured on the song which the Israeli dubstepper wrote for his then girlfriend Andrews. The main thing you're meant to take away from this video is "bitches love cake." If that's the case, then call us a bitches. 

What follows are 10 choice moments from this visually satisfying music video. 

The inspiration. 

borgore cake.jpg

10. Meals on wheels
It's merely a cake about town. Who else here thinks the whole video'd be enhanced by Miley popping out of that bad boy? Show of hands? 

borgore 5.jpg

9. A plea to ravers
Please, people, put the spirit hoods away! They epitomize 2007 not 2012. The internet, thankfully, has made this a defunct fad (gracias, Internet!). Find new something from your little brother's wardrobe to slap on. Maybe Pull-ups? 


8. Unicorns and bayonets 
We feel bad for hating this horse as much as this horse hates its own life. 

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