DJ Irie Hosts Black Friday Festival with Kendrick Lamar, Talks Bottle Service, Alonzo Mourning, and the Miami Heat

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Of the students, he notes, "Some of these kids were doing great in school, once they walked through those doors, and the bell rang, they were engaged. They were well-mannered, well-behaved. But then the other bell rings, and it's time to go home. They are no longer the optimal student, because they have to switch to survival mode." He says, "These kids are pretty much left to fend for themselves."
Despite all of these negative influences, he realizes, "I can do something to specifically cause change." This is why he started the Irie Foundation which partners with After-School All-Stars offering students after-school programs. These are costly, but worth while to get students engaged, learning a trade, the arts, or help with school. Starting with middle schoolers, they're hoping to expand and include scholarship programs. "When you get to see the talent with these kids..." he says, "We want to make sure they have the opportunity to go to college." With Irie's help, it's an ace in the hole. 

Black Friday Festival with DJ Irie, KC Chopz, Makayla Duvall, Ty Sade, Yung Pros, DJ Demetrius, DJ Irie, Emir Duru, Kid Ink, Pusha T, and Kendrick Lamar at 5 p.m. on Nov. 23 at Sunset Cove Amphitheater, 12551 Glades Road, Boca Raton. Tickets cost $30 to $55. Visit
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