Clay Aiken on His Joyful Noise Tour: "I Have a Thing for Christmas"

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What is your set like on this tour?

Its culled off the two Christmas CDs we've done. It's original and traditional music. There are a few that are more contemporary. I sprinkle in a few new ones each year. I try to keep it original and fresh.

Would you ever put out an album for a different holiday?

We talked in the past about doing something. My third album was intended to be a Valentine's Day album, and then it got pushed back. But I dont know that there's another holiday that I would be equipped to do an album for. We've talked about doing another Christmas album.

How are you celebrating this year?

I'll be on the road. This is my tradition. It doesnt feel like the holidays if I'm not doing the show. I took a year off to do Broadway. It was great, but it killed the Christmas tour. It's my first time back since 2007. I'm excited.

Every year, I've had trees in the house and decorated the yard, but it didn't feel like Christmas. This year I havent even put anything up. I haven't even put red candles out. And it already feels more like the holidays for me. My Christmas starts on Friday in West Palm, and I get a full month of it.

You get a lot of mileage out of Christmas. Do you consider yourself a "Christmas artist?"

My manager would kiss you on the mouth if he heard that. We talked about that in the past. It's sort of my wheelhouse. I have a thing for Christmas. It fits me well. I'd be happy as hell if I could do this every single year and nothing else.

Clay Aiken's Joyful Noise tour 8 p.m. on Nov.23 at Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, 701 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $25. Visit

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Why do you think that Clay has had a tough time after Idol? He has released 7 cd's and 1 EP. Multi platinum cd sales and a New York Times best selling book. All before a very successful stint on Broadway in Spamalot. The Christmas cd Merry Christmas With Love you mention was the fastest selling cd in Soundscan history the year it was released. Most artists would be happy to have even half that success.


Clay Aiken is a household name, a tremendous and enduring talent, but who the Feck is Adam Lambert?

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