Clay Aiken on His Joyful Noise Tour: "I Have a Thing for Christmas"

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Clay Aiken gets a lot of mileage out of Christmas
It's hard to escape the long shadow of American Idol.

Thus far, only Kelly Clarkson has truly satisfied the long-running vocal contest's basic premise of introducing the American public to a bonafide pop star. Adam Lambert was close. But unless someone leaks a NSFW video of the flamboyant runner-up on the shows 8th season, his relevancy is shrinking exponentially.

One might imagine Clay Aiken has had an especially hard time post-Idol, considering he lost to Ruben Studdard. And, to be frank, who the fuck is Ruben Studdard?

Lucky for Aiken, he stumbled upon a passion that rivaled the one he has for music. The cherubic southern gentleman is absolutely obsessed with Christmas. This Friday, he kicks off his Joyful Noise tour in West Palm Beach. We hit him up to learn more about his love of the allegedly most wonderful time of the year.

New Times: Were you ever in any Christmas pageants growing up?

Clay Aiken: A show or two in high school. Strangely enough the Christmas show that they do at the community theater in Raleigh is Cinderella. It's not really a different story, but it's part of the Christmas tradition. I don't understand it, but I was in it.

What did you play in the Christmas version of Cinderella?

I was just a townsfolk. I never got any good parts.

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Why do you think that Clay has had a tough time after Idol? He has released 7 cd's and 1 EP. Multi platinum cd sales and a New York Times best selling book. All before a very successful stint on Broadway in Spamalot. The Christmas cd Merry Christmas With Love you mention was the fastest selling cd in Soundscan history the year it was released. Most artists would be happy to have even half that success.


Clay Aiken is a household name, a tremendous and enduring talent, but who the Feck is Adam Lambert?

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