Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland on Touring with New Found Glory: "It's a Dream Come True."

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Only together for a little over two years, the New Jersey and New York-based band, Candy Hearts is quickly making a name for themselves in the music scene. A little bit of '90s indie rock mixed in with pop punk, the Candy Hearts sound is just about as addictive as the treats for which they're named. Having just released a brand new EP, The Best Ways to Disappear, produced by New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, the band hits the road as a supporting act on NFG's Sticks and Stones 10th Anniversary Tour.

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One-fourth of Candy Hearts, singer Mariel Loveland, spoke to New Times about being a girl in the punk scene, her Lifetime movie drinking game, and dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

New Times: Congratulations on the release of your new EP. Do you feel differently about the material on this album in comparison to the older ones?

Mariel Loveland: Thank you. Yeah. I feel like the stuff on this album, at least lyrically, is more private, versus the other stuff that I wrote about was more, um, happier content I guess. [Laughs.] It was more stories that I love to share with my friends, and things that I went through with my friends. This album is more about just myself and a little bit more private, I guess I would say.

What made you decide to make that switch in content?

Well, I wrote it at a time home alone a lot. We had just come back, and I had moved out of my mom's house, and I was living with my sister. She's never home cause she works a lot. So, I was at home writing these songs by myself, and after we got back from tour I sort of decided I wanted to finish the record. I spent a lot of time reflecting, and writing these lyrics, which is I guess why it came out this way.

You worked with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory on the record, how did this all come together? What made you want to work with him?

Well, he's great! I dunno! [Laughs.] We love New Found Glory, and I've loved them forever, since I was younger. So, when he offered to produce our stuff, I was like, "Obviously!" There's nobody else I rather work with. He approached me online, saying he had heard the record in the van, and that he wanted to produce us. And I didn't have any demos at the time, so I just kinda sat on it. But, then I met up with him when they played in New York, he invited us to his show and we went. That was awesome. A few months later, he found out we were going on tour with one of the bands from that show, and we started talking again. I sent him what I had and it just kind of went from there.

And you're going out on tour with them for the Sticks and Stones anniversary, has this all been so surreal for you?

Yes! It's a dream come true. I wonder what it's going to be like. We've never done a tour this big, or played in front of that many people. Maybe once or twice. It's not a usual thing for us. So, I've been trying to think about what it's going to be like and if it'll match up. 

Do you guys tour regularly?

We've been touring pretty regularly since September. I know it's only November, but we have the rest of the year planned out. We take little breaks because it isn't the paying the bills, yet. So, hopefully it will be soon.

I know you were doing writing, and into journalism. But, do you ultimately just want to be a full time musician?

Yes. Well, the good thing about that was it allowed me to do this. 

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