10 Best Election Memes of 2012

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Election Day was hectic, and we're not simply talking about too long voting lines and intense news channel coverage. We're talking about social media, which was arguably the busiest and craziest it's ever been since its inception (whenever that was...).

Every single person was chiming in with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram. And we gotta say, all of you were on point. It should be election day every day, because it got the population's creative juices flowing! 

Some hilarious shit was said. But we gotta give it up to people on Tumblr who probably spent more hours making gifs than actually standing in line to vote. (Seriously, I hope these people actually voted and not reblogged that they were gonna vote). So here are some of our favorite election memes from the past couple of months.

Yes. Just, yes.

9. Obama Does Willy Ninja 
This Paris Is Burning gif is for the Ru-bama fans.

8. Obama and a Bald Eagle
All right.

7. Stephan?
I guess Stephan is a Repub.

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