Karuna Yoga Center in West Palm Beach Opens; We Present Top Five Yogi Musicians

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Karuna Yoga Center
Yoga is a controversial topic. On the one hand, it's seen as something done by yuppies and hipsters with too much time on their hands. It's the co-opting and whitewashing of the cultural practices of "brown people" packaged tidily for the average suburbanite with an eco-friendly mat and a green smoothie.

On the other hand, yoga is a physical, spiritual, and meditative practice perfect to remedy the negative effects of our frenetic Western culture. Sitting at a desk for long hours without moving, mental stress that has no physical outlet, bad diet, and lack of sleep and exercise are all conspiring to kill us. The savior? A day at the West Palm Beach Karuna Yoga Center set to open Sunday afternoon. Yoga, baby. Yoga is the cure.

In order to inspire your inner yogi without rewatching Shit Yogis Say, we present you with a list of musicians who engage in the practice.  5. Sting
Lets start with an obvious one. Anyone who doesn't know that Sting is one of the biggest yogis in famedom don't know much about nothing. This hottie crooner taught housewives of the world a thing or two (though not the real stuff) about tantra yoga. Sting's Zen-like confidence and control, we now know, doesn't start and end in the studio, it extends to the bedroom.

"Desert Rose" is the perfect song to listen to during a power flow class.

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4. Lady Gaga
Body image plays a huge role in Lady Gaga's life. She has been criticized for being too thin and then for being a human weight. Her recent Body Revolution campaign has the singer sharing very revealing photos of herself and talking openly about her struggles with anorexia. Her road to a healthy body and mind involved a lot of yoga, which she tweets about often. If it's good enough for Gaga...


3. Adam Levine
If you don't have an insanely lustful crush on Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, chances are you know someone who does. Rangy and undeniably ripped, Levine keeps those muscles long and loose with his own yoga program specially designed just for him. But there's nothing saying any non-famous person can't borrow his moves. In fact, that reverse prayer pose he's doing on the left is perfect for desk jockeys to stretch their chests and limber their wrists. Try it, but follow it up with the regular prayer pose. Ask Adam, yoga is all about balance (and muscles).

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