Shpongle at Revolution and 10 Other Electronic Acts Who Love Live Instruments

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What's that funny smelling smoke in the air? Where are all these fractals coming from?

Oh, that's right! Shpongle is heading to Revolution Live, and bringing all the funky goodness from the far reaches of other realities with them tonight. 

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We're gonna get mad trippy while grooving to the electro-fusion grooves of this psychedelic British duo. Their unique flavor comes from combining traditional musical elements and instrumentation with the super-hip sounds of electronic gadgetry and dance rhythms.

But they're not the only guys making analog and digital worlds collide. Check out these ten other artists bridging the gap between human and machine.

10. Daft Punk
These guys are basically the human-meets-machine grandfathers. It's kind of their entire theme. They incorporate guitar, keys, vocals, and all kinds of awesome shit into their music, besides the obvious drum machines, synthesizers, and, y'know, robot suits.

9. Justice
This French filterhouse duo are the direct protégés of Daft Punk, and they also bring a fusion flavor to their work behind the decks. Formerly metal-heads, these guys worked a lot of guitar and piano into their second album Audio, Video, Disco. They even break out the keys in their new tour rig, and it's quite exquisite. 

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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