Presidential Debate 2012: Lynn University Students Pool Party and Talk Birth Control, Sexual Tension, and Binders of Women (VIDEO)

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What do you think we're looking at? Half naked, budding political types. That's right.

While the president's plane landed in South Florida, hot, drunk young bods tanned at Lynn University. Yeah, that's right, the youth were partying in preparation of the debates. And why the hell not?!

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When we arrived on campus, first thing we saw besides shrubbery, media, and tennis courts was a freaking pool party. People were shaking like salt shakers in their red, white, and blue swimsuits and Deerfield Beach reggae band The Resolvers sang Dawn Penn as well as Dawn Penn. We may never have heard of Lynn before this, but now we're pretty damn clear on why anyone would go there.

This debate, like all others is about the voters, so, we got all wet with the students and asked them the hard questions, and they told us whose binder they wanna be in. Click over for the video.

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