Otto von Schirach's Halloween Costume Will Make Your Mom Horny at Splatter Rama

Nothing in this sunny Southern summer land indicates horror more succinctly and in a pleasurably dark manner than the wild world of Miami's own IDM master Otto Von Schirach. He'll lock you under his deep bass and beats and scare the shit out of you, and you'll love every pee-in-your-panties moment of it (you big sissies). That's why Blindspot and Radio-Active Records booked him to perform on All Hallow's Eve for their monthly double gory feature Splatter Rama.

Ben "the Baptist" Baptiste is hosting this Halloween edition, featuring screenings of Re-Animator and Night of the Creeps. They've moved the night from Cinema Paradiso to C&I Studios in FAT Village to accommodate the blood lust of the creepy crowd (that's you!). Expect a crazy ass dance party with DJs Richard V. and Sensitive Side, the requisite costume contest, giveaways from Salty Eggs, vegan horror-themed mobile munchies and cupcakes, and what's that? Full liquor and beer bar all night long. You read correctly.

We hit up von Schirach to ask about his most horrifying moments on stage, scariest Halloween memories, and he brought up Costes and making our mamas horny.

New Times: What's been your scariest moment onstage?
Otto von Schirach: One was when I blacked out during my show and felt like I went into a coma for a sec in PS14, another is when I played Dour Festival in Belgium and after the one hour and a half mark I puked into the mic while i was squelching.

Your favorite Halloween costume?
Teenage Werewolf.

What was the most frightening concert or show you've ever been to?
Black metal show in Norway with indoor fire and rape.

What musical act most makes you uncomfortable and why?
Costes, cause he poops on the crowd.

Are you a fan of horror films? Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?
Yes, Love all. Too much to name, maybe Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Alucarda, or also anything Aregento or goblin, but also movies like Careful.

What are like five most horrifying things that have happened to you as a musician?
Brainwashed by the Anunnaki, Cornered by drunk mob of Frenchies in Marseille, France, gun point on Biscayne, waking up in a male orgy with goats in the room. There is other madness that scares me, but I cant talk about it, too horrifying.

Which of your songs do you think would scare someone's mom the most?
Maybe "Submarine Mammal Milk" [laughs].

Which of your stage costumes would make our mom pee in her pants with fear?
None, they all get horny.

Splatter Rama Halloween Edition with Otto von Schirach at 8 p.m., October 31, C&I Studios, 541 NW First Ave, Fort Lauderdale. Double feature includes: Re-Animator and Night of the Creeps. $10 for entry in costume, $15 for entry without costume.

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541 NW 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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