Fiercest National Coming Out Day Playlist Ever

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It's been a pretty decent past few years for the gay community. You guys got silver fox Anderson Cooper for sursies and young buck Frank Ocean too. Don't ask don't tell was overturned and you can get married, sort of, in like 16 states. Sure, shooting for 50, but you gotta start somewhere. And for those of you ready to come out that closet, today, National Coming Out Day, is the time and where ever you are is the place.

We put together ten of the fiercest pop tunes about or related to coming out to get you in the mood to spill the gay beans.

10. Frank Ocean - "Thinking About You"
Frank Ocean is a gay inspiration. He came out this year to both a lot of support from guys like Jay Z and Tyler the Creator and the disdain of a handful of assholes. Just yesterday the young singer topped Kanye in social relevance according to the AskMen 2012 most influential dudes list. It's not cause he's gay, but that bold coming out move made him one bad mammajamma in the eyes of many.

9. The Queers - "Queerbait"

If you think we don't know that you're gay
If you're gay that's okay
Just admit it, you loser
Come out of the closet today
What's a gay boy to do?!

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