Minus the Bear, Cursive - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - October 22

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Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Indie rock was as healthy as a chubby, dewy newborn baby at last night's Minus the Bear and Cursive show at Revolution. The sweaty, smoky venue was packed to the gills with plaid shirts, beards, and more beards. And despite the sold-out Die Antwoord concert happening around the corner, there seemed little to no effect on the show's turn-out.

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If there's anything that both these bands know, it's their audience. And last night's sets were a reflection of that. Although both bands are touring in support of albums released earlier this year, the sets felt more like a collection of best ofs. Each band fed the crowd with diets comprised of a little bit of brand news and a healthy portion of golden oldies.

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Seeing Cursive live is somewhat comparable to sleeping with an ex-boyfriend who broke your heart. You never know what's going to happen, it's a little emotional, but at the end of it all, you leave satisfied.

Opening with "Gemini," they set the tone for a slow building set that ripped at the heartstrings, and left us craving for more. The band wasted no time toying with the crowd's feelings, going into "Bang Bang" and "A Gentleman Caller."

"Goddamn," Kasher growled at the audience during the intro of "Warmer Warmer." "You ever see a badass motherfucker playing guitar with one hand and a drink in the other. Talking and drinking at the same time. Goddamn."

Cursive unleashed its climax with "The Radiator Hums", and at this point, the predictable thing would have been to play crowd favorite, "The Martyr," when, much like that old ex-boyfriend, Cursive broke our heart. There's just something about a their shows that makes you feel incomplete without getting to scream out, "your tears are only alibis." However, all was forgiven as tracks like "The Recluse" and "Art is Hard" filled our heart's void.

Whether the song was new or old, there wasn't a line that the audience didn't belt out alongside Kasher's vocals that swung effortlessly from passionately raw to a full on scream. During songs like "I Couldn't Love You" and "From the Hips" it was almost like being a voyeur during someone's private gut purging session. It's a miracle the man still has working vocal chords after over a decade of performing. While most of the band remains still, almost hypnotized by the music, Kasher's stage presence is much like a preacher in a church. A somewhat fitting feeling, since many of the devoted fans in the audience belong to the religion known as Cursive.

Before leaving the stage -- which felt like it came too soon -- Kasher let us know who he'd be voting for as he yelled out "Obama 2012" in the middle of "Dorthy at Forty."

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Had a feeling this would be a good show, and never even considered Kasher hanging out at the Poorhouse....... 

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