Lady Gaga Nipple Alert! Mother Monster Gets Undressed With Donatella Versace and Terry Richardson

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Yo, we can't hate on Lady Gaga for gaining a few pounds recently and looking normal. So how could we diss on her nipple slip yesterday while doing a titty shoot with Donatella Versace and Terry Richardson? We can't! Girl, let it all hang out. 

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Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the picture the singer posted on Little Monsters isn't her booby but the fact that she and Donatella look like twins. Mme. Versace is old as God, Gaga! Don't get that look at 26. Maman monstre, you're young and fresh;  after this shoot, please promise you'll go back to someone's -- anyone's -- natural hair color. 

If you'd like to see the Gaga goods, click on. 

Terry Richardson/Little Monsters

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