GWAR Killed Romney, Obama, Hitler and Two Jesuses at Revolution Live on October 20 (VIDEO)

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Ian Witlen

The baby orgy was disturbing. Well, it all was, but the three baby dolls, the triplets of sodomy, petting the Cuttlefish of Cthulu, Oderus' shlong, especially kinda creepy. He squirted a buckets of red water at the crowd from... I can't even say where.  

We took a minute to remember the Native Americans who were killed by the white man before "Hail Genocide." The song was, he said, "dedicated to the 1.1 percent, and man are they pissed." 

After GWAR defeated Cyborg JC, God's "ultimate creation," the Lord said he'd take a human form right before announcing that "I don't exist." Then there was an existential conversation about the whole thing. The point of the show was to kill God and redeem themselves or something. It was all pretty funny. I mean, God's been talking this whole time, trying to kill GWAR, but then who was talking if he doesn't exist, why all the killing. It was a little Waiting for Godot. Just kidding. Kind of. 

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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