Cursive's Tim Kasher on R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet: "It's a Masterpiece."

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Over the last decade, the Omaha-based indie rockers known as Cursive have continually toyed with our emotions. They've endured lineup changes, solo careers, and of course the great hiatus of 2004, and yet we never turned our backs.

Why? Because no matter what, Cursive never completely breaks our heart. And after what feels like forever, the band reels us back in with its latest release, I Am Gemini.
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In the middle of a tour with Minus the Bear, Cursive's frontman Tim Kasher spoke to the New Times about FuckYeahTimKasher, GWAR vs. The Beatles, and R.Kelly's Trapped in a Closet.

New Times: The new record [I Am Gemini] is a pretty heavy album, both musically and conceptually, what inspired you to work with the theme of dueling voices on the album?

Tim Kasher: Well, I think the music that we were writing at the time was pretty intentionally taking a lot of different turns. So, I wanted to write lyrics that would represent that. The earliest ideas had to do with how to write in multiple voices and that kind of developed into the idea of split personalities. But, ultimately it ended up being about the internal struggles we deal with.

In my opinion, the whole thing about inner voices in your head can be a kind of dorky thing to write about so literally. [laughs] So by fictionalizing it and doing it through characters, it gives it a more interesting allegory. Well, hopefully interesting.

Do you consider yourself to be one of those people who wrestles with inner voices
Yeah. I do. But, in the healthy sense. [laughs] Just like everyone else does. It's something that I recognized when I was really young, just the idea of inner conflict. I remember first kind of grasping the idea when I was a toddler.

On this tour, are you playing I Am Gemini from start to finish?

Not at all. We're going to do a best of. Well, not necessarily a best of but more of a collection of songs from each of the albums. We make our choices based on what we think would be crowd favorites. And we try to make sure songs off I Am Gemini are included.

Having a career that spans over a decade, do you still identify with the older songs and albums?

Basically. I do. I think all of us do. It's not as difficult to do with this particular catalog. I think my, and our opinions and attitudes about the older content is the same. We started this band so long ago, I was about 20 when I started writing Cursive songs, so I was just old enough to already have gotten my really bad music from when I was a teenager out of the way. So, by the time Cursive came around and we started writing music, we were doing stuff then that I'm still proud of now.

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