Scott Storch, Rock Star Energy Drink, and Birdman's Multi-Million Dollar SoBe Mansion: WTF?! Timeline

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Cash Money mogul Birdman (aka Baby), has purchased a 9-bedroom, 17-bath mega-mansion complete with 25-foot ceilings, in-house spa and gym, a theater and a fucking cabana. All this a week after we at County Grind heard thirdhand that he was crashing at the Diplolmat on Hollywood Beach.

The intense luxuriousness of Weezy F Baby's mentor's new digs may seem startling, but the purchase is way more insane than your run-of-the-mill "rapper buys a castle" scenario. And that's because this palace is haunted by the ghosts of Scott Storch and, uh, Rock Star energy drink.

What follows is our timeline of events to wrap your mind around this complex's complex history.

Scott Storch earns one billion spacebux producing for every single pop rap and/or R&B artist in the book, including Snoop Dogg, Beyonce, Lil' Wayne, and Jay-Z.

Scott Storch proceeds to spend ten million spacebux, mostly on the devil's dandruff. A good chunk also goes toward a (fucking ridiculous) mansion in South Beach.

The inventor of Rock Star energy drink buys the pad for 6.75 million after Storch snorts and freebases his fortune away.

Cash Money Records co-founder, Ronald "Slim" Williams, buys the largest property in South Florida. For real, though. This crib is crazier than Baby's.

Once Slim was cold chillin' in the Magic City, we should have just assumed the entire Cash Money/Young Money family was going to set up shop with a 2-to-1 ratio of mansions to rappers.

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icculus17 topcommenter

these pics make me think that these mansions are mostly empty of real people, huge ego trip.

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