Review: Baja Beach Club Reopens After 14 Years; No Hipsters Allowed

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The Boca community, known worldwide for its early-bird specials and upscale lifestyles, hasn't offered drinkers and dancers too much in the way of late-night hard partying. That is, not until Baja Beach Club opened its doors last Friday night. Taking over the Club Boca location, Baja is open all hours (till 5 a.m.) from Wednesday to Saturday and has a somewhat modified energy from its "surf's up" feel of yesteryear as a Jersey Shore-type hot spot in the 1990s.

Best-known for serving the original body shots at its Fort Lauderdale location, Baja had eight venues around South Florida. None in Boca, though. Its spring-break spirit made it the place to go to lick whipped cream off buff, shirtless bartenders' nipples as they poured booze on their chests. 

Fast forward to 2012. Baja's comeback looks like the stepchild of yesteryear's wild child. Housed in a 12,000-square-foot space, created by design impresario Callin Fortis of Big Time Design Studios, the opening party was packed with babes, baby boomers, and a few seniors. Many were dressed to the nines in club wear and others in laid-back beach attire. No hipsters were spotted. Perhaps the mainstream pop pumping out of the speakers scared them away? And the crowd didn't order a ton of body shots as we'd seen in the past, perhaps Boca doesn't care for "blow job" shots?

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The scene was festive as a crew of 20 staffers intermittently took to various stages throughout the club for choreographed dance sessions. Clad in bedazzled bikinis, cowboy gear, and surf shorts, they revved up the crowd, packed like sardines, to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" and David Guetta's "Sexy Chick." As much as the staff serves as eye candy, its spunk and friendliness foster a welcoming vibe, something a bit refreshing to uncover in Boca Raton. 

Outside the main dance room, there's the terrace bar, which is enclosed in fish netting, where fish and shark fixtures hang from the ceiling. Buff bartenders aside, the most amusing character in the club is the huge mechanical shark (instead of a bull). Grab those fins and take a ride. One drunk man tried and fell to the floor, but in a fun way.   

At the outside bar, Tim, a former bartender at the Fort Lauderdale Baja, was there as part of the 150-staff reunion. He reminisced of his debauchery days back in the '90s at the club. "Girls would ask for a light, and we would light our crotch on fire." 

When asked about the body shots, he recalls the "mountain climber," in which women patrons would paint their chests with whipped cream and male bartenders would slide across the bar with a cherry clenched in their teeth to deliver and lap up the puffy white substance. That's one way to make a drink.

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@SedanoShow before Strawberry it was The Forrest, after 1235 it became Club Z


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