Five Singers' Nude Photos Hotter Than Lana Del Rey's Naked Boob Grab in British GQ (NSFW)

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You saw this headline and immediately clicked "read more." It's OK, we'd have done the same.

Therefore, we're not going to bore anyone with too many details about Lana Del Rey's lame attempt at producing artsy nudes for British GQ's Man of the Year issue. However, because you understand you have needs, we did select five singers with nude photo shoots hotter than Del Rey's.

There're a few NSFW photos in the mix, so unless you work at a sex shop, make sure the boss isn't lurking over your shoulder.


5. Janet Jackson in Rolling Stone
Before baring her sequined nip for the entire Super Bowl viewership, Miss Jackson went topless for the iconic 1993 Rolling Stone cover. Wearing a pair of unbuttoned jeans and a whole lot of skin, the singer was featured with husband Rene Elizondo, Jr.'s paws cupping her boobs. Decades later, Teyana Taylor made an attempt at re-creating the imagery. But, I think we can all agree, she's ain't no Janet.

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