Kourtney and Kim Take Miami: Five Places Off South Beach They Should Visit

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4. Bimini Bay Bar
If you've ever been to Bimini Bay Bar, located just by Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, you know what a unique experience this'll be for 'Ye and Kimmy. Whether you find granny porn on the tele, potty-mouthed locals, or a new bra from those hanging overhead, this is a unique place to play. Maybe the oldie porn'll even spice up Kourtney and Scott's married romantic life?

Note: Do not, we repeat, do not bring Mason or lil Penelope.

3. Swap Shop
The Swap Shop is a mega flea market perfect for the little ones. We know the Kardashians don't need a deal, but everyone wants a break on a good "used" bike. Come on now. There are tons of videogames to warp Mason's brain, fresh veggies for the cook to whip up into a gourmet meal, and even bras you can bring to Bimini Bay Bar! You know it. Where are the Kardashians? At the Swap Shop!

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