Frank Ocean and John Mayer Tomorrow on SNL? Odd Saturday Night Live Musical Performances

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Odd Future's R&B crooner Frank Ocean will take the SNL stage for the show's premiere episode of the season. And this week, it was revealed that guitar dude John Mayer will join Ocean onstage with his guitar solo face. This is possibly because Mayer has a guest spot on Ocean's song "White" off of Channel Orange.

Now, as far as SNL's comedic consistency goes, every week, it's a gamble. Same goes for musical performances. While singing R&B live already seems kinda hard, we're sure Ocean and Mayer will do fine. Our favorite late night weekend show has a history of some shitty, awkward, and just plain weird-as-fuck musical moments. Here's a couple we're just generally not sure about, as in, they sucked.

(Side note: This list purposefully excluded the obvious Sinead O'Connor performance.)

6. Ashlee Simpson

Yo, this was just ridiculous. Nothing touches our internal asshole nerve more than watching musicians fuck up their lip syncing. It entertains in the same vein as watching musicians fuck up during interviews. This, though, made us wanna lie down and rinse our mouths out with Scope. So weird.

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The Kanye West song is a version "Heartless", not "Love Lockdown"

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