Chris Brown Brownout App Deletes the Singer From Your Internet! Five Other Musicians You're Welcome to Banish

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The hits just keep coming for R&B singer Chris Brown! He recently revealed the awful tattoo everyone claims is Rihanna's beaten face. Folks in London are labeling his albums with domestic-abuse warnings. And now he's being sent away from the magical land of the internet.

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The Toronto-based music blog, Aux, who brought us "Nickleblock," which blocked Nickelback from computers worldwide, created an app that deletes any reference to Breezy on the interwebs. The somewhat questionably named "Brownout" will keep your time web-surfing free and clear of any reference to the singer. You better believe we'll be buying that app!

Thing is, Chris Brown isn't the only musical personality who deserves this treatment. We can think of a slew of artists who also need to be hidden in some dark corner of the internet. Check out our list of musicians to banish after the jump.


5. Lana Del Rey
Can someone please just stuff Lana Del Rey in some internet black hole where we never have to hear from her again? So she's dating Axl Rose. Or is it Marilyn Manson now? Guess what? We don't care. We'll subject our ears to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" on repeat to avoid listening to Lana Del Rey's voice once.


4. Marilyn Manson
For some God-awful reason, Marilyn Manson is still gaining attention from the media. A few weeks ago, he walked through LAX airport with the words "Fuck You" scribbled across his face in some weird attempt to deter paparazzi. We're not buying it. Throw him in a time machine back to the '90s, when people actually cared what he was doing.

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What about Gotye? Have you not gotten enough of HIM yet? jeez. The only new music that's worthy of any notice (Lana Del Rey) you guys bash. Also, I'm confused a bit that in the same article Rihanna is regarded with respect and Manson isn't. This generation has turned into a bunch of modern hippies- minus the good music and love. What do I need to smoke or drink to get in the loop with you "hipsters"? I want to make sure to stay away from it...whatever it is.



@CountyGrind @AUXTV Too easy! and my mouth has gotten me in so much trouble..!


Really this is going to far.  who are these people who are trying to destroy a man who made a mistake for a woman who has forgiven him and moved on.  this is just ridiculous.   why not make an app for charlie sheen, charles manson and the host of other  white perverts.  this is racism at its worst. rihana is black and the persons keeping up the chris brown hatred  are all white.  somethings is not right.  rihanna is not affected and has become friends with the man.  oh they just an analogy to justify her desire to forgive and forget



 Uhhh, 7 of the musicians up there are white. And Brown got a tattoo of a beaten woman on his face - if he were sorry and reformed that would be a different matter. Stop using racism to justify defending an attention-seeking criminal and the punching bag who's staying with him. But go ahead and make an anti-Sheen app, that's cool. And Charles Manson doesn't show up on my feed that much these days.

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