Vanilla Ice Partners with Zumba on "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix"; Dorkiness Ensues

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When you read the words Stop, Collaborate, and Dance, what crosses your mind? A local dance non-profit intent on working with others on a community initiative to help inner-city youth lose weight, right? Not this time, friends. It's hometown hero and super famous white rapper-gone-hardcore-gone-ICP Vanilla Ice's new thang. He's joined weird forces with dance workout empire Zumba to create what they're terming "Ice Ice Baby Zumba Remix."

Rob Van Winkle, as he's know to his mama, kicked off this new project today at Orlando's Peabody Hotel. If you've ever done Zumba, it's actually, no lie, totally fun. It also involves crotch thrusts, Salsa four-steps, and looking like a total moron with no rhythm. According to a press release, these guys are making: "a 'hot' new remix of the 'cool' early '90s party anthem, 'Ice Ice Baby.'" Those quotation marks are theirs, not ours.

Only thing is, we're mega pissed RVW didn't kick this shit off in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale! Today he performs a live concert for 8,000 Zumba instructors from 80 countries. The release says that Reggaeton's Daddy Yankee, sans gasolina, and la bella Paulina Rubio will attend as well.

Zumba's release says that they want to add "old school flavor to classes." Granted there are a few oldies in these classes, but aren't the young workout freaks gonna be like, Ice who? If ya ask us (which you wouldn't) "Gasolina" would have been a more fitting choice for this project. Like you're getting fueled up to dance? Anyone?

We, here in FTL are happy though for all of Vanilla Ice's successes. Even if it involves him dancing.

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