Suede Dudes Release Mutant Meat LP with Plans to Rock Respectable Street

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"I can speak for all of us when I say that Mutant Meat is the best representation of all our collective influences," says Suede Dudes bassist Raphael Alvarez (AKA Chrome Dick) of his band's upcoming LP. The album drops tomorrow, and on Thursday, they'll perform songs off of Mutant Meat at Respectable Street's popular weekly party Flaunt.

"It's the most organic [album] in that we all had an equal part creating it, even down to how we chose the cover art." Alvarez continues about the band's fifth release. It was definitely a shared visual experience, given that their limited edition cassettes feature five different covers painted by all members of the band.

"Sonically," he continues, "it's far from the surf/garage thing that some people have associated us with, and it's our best sounding recording to date." The album will be available for purchase online on Tuesday, August 21.

"We hope people dig it," Alvarez says of Mutant Meat. We're pretty darn sure that'll be the case. Three songs off the album are already available on their Bandcamp, and they're likely to lull you into an ecstatic auditory experience. Enjoy "Make Sense to Me" below. 

Catch Suede Dudes on Thursday, Aug. 23 at Respectable Street Cafe, 518 North Clematis, Street, West Palm Beach.

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

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