Meet the Real Male Strippers of Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale (NSFW)

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Photo by Christina Mendenhall
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Full slideshow of the real strippers of Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale's Wilton Manors

On a recent Sunday afternoon, still hungover from drinking martinis and watching Magic Mike, a group of friends and I munched on brunch and sucked down healing mimosas. Maybe it was the mimosas, maybe it was our memories of Magic Mike, but we left the restaurant in a drunken haze, on the hunt for some serious man meat. Hey, it's not easy getting past the image of Channing Tatum dropping trou on the big screen (still wish it was in 3-D). We needed Magic Mike come to life in front of our eyes, and on our laps, right here in Fort Lauderdale.

Our first stop was Le Bare, a location known for catering to the ladies. But, sadly it turned us away. Next up was Johnny's, a man-friendly joint on Broward Boulevard that also told us to take a hike. But in the middle of Wilton Manors, we found hope at Boardwalk. Although most patrons were dudes, the greased-up, banana-hammock-wearing, drool-inducing performers welcomed us with open arms.

We grabbed handfuls of dollar bills, took a few shots of tequila, and waited patiently to feast on the bronzed-up babes. Sure, these ripped hunks of burning love were on display for the world to snack on, but they too have hopes and dreams and things to say. Rather than this turning us off (ahem, men), this got us intrigued.

We sat down with some strippers of Broward County to learn more about their pasts, their craziest nights, and most signature moves.

(Interviews conducted by Christina Mendenhall.)

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Meet Ricky. This tan babe probably enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking breakfast naked (for you) in the morning, and listening to you call him "Papi" while the lights are down low.

His signature move that drives the crowd wild: He gets into the cage, turns around with his backside facing the crowd, does a pull-up shaking his buttcheeks to the beat, and when the beat drops, he slams down on the ground to do a hip thrust.

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1721 N. Andrews Ave., Lauderdale Lakes, FL

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Betsey you're the best with writing funny, edgy stuff. 

jakeinfl91 1 Like

Why is this marked NSFW? Put against the context of the girls in something less than bikinis in pretty much every festival post, it seems decidedly sexist and/or stupid to say dudes in briefs are NSFW.


Of course, the other question is why it's on County Grind, but then again: grind.

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