RPatz and KStew's First Home Up For Sale: Take a Look Inside the Love Nest

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Once upon a time, Bella and Edward lived happily ever. It was nice and stuff, until that cold-hearted bitch ripped out RPatz's heart and ate it for lunch. Sigh... Who's the vampire now?

When the Hollywood couple's romance was merely budding, the two settled into a cozy, secluded Bel-Air love nest, far away from the stalkerazzi. And now, you too (Twilight stalker) can live out your Team Edward fantasies by purchasing the original Pattinson/Stewart mansion with your beloved for $5.995 million. How can you resist?!

Side note: Doesn't this house oddly resemble the Cullen compound?

According to the realtor's listing:
Perched high on a private promontory, this estate is one of two west-facing properties that overlook Stone Canyon Reservoir. Surrounded by greenery and with tranquil views over the reservoir and Bel Air, this celebrity retreat on almost half an acre was built in the mid 1990s and has been completely renovated. From the entry in the approximate 2,604-square-foot main house, steps lead up to a spacious living and dining area defined by a high wood ceiling and hardwood floors.
Take a look at the Twilight couple's first love nest after the jump.


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Kim Siv
Kim Siv

Rpatz - Kstew = stupid media nicknames

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