Robert Pattinson's First Night Out in Cali; Sad Songs Playing on the Juke

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Only Vampire Love is Forever.

Over the weekend, our favorite be-fanged lover, Robert Pattinson finally made his debut post-breakup public appearance. The location: Deer Lodge in Ojai, California. Rumors via way of Twitter said Pattinson and friends were singing along to a band playing Nirvana covers.

While we don't know the RPatz personally, we have a feeling he wouldn't be playing traditional breakup tracks like "I Will Survive" and "Song for the Dumped." He's probably got a more indie side, leaning towards the likes of the Postal Service and Bright Eyes.

Take a look at our list of five sad songs that the brooding vampire likely played on some lucky jukebox somewhere over the weekend.

5. Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
Fun fact: This is the song that was played both in the prom scene in Twilight and was the Cullen's wedding song in Breaking Dawn Part I. It basically makes you want to rip your heart out while downing a bottle of whiskey.

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