Rick Ross Meets Rick Ross at Pembroke Pines Best Buy (VIDEO)

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Jacob Katel
Rick Ross meets Rick Ross.
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Have you ever had a dream where you leave your own body and see yourself from the outside? You're like: Hmmm, so that's what I really look like?

Yeah, well, Carol City-gone-worldwide rapper Rick Motherfucking Ross actually had that experience, in real life. He met a much shorter and weirder version of himself yesterday at his God Forgives, I Don't release signing in Pembroke Pines. Yes, that's me in my homemade Bawse beard shaking the hand of, and presumably frightening, Mr. Rozay.

After the jump, watch my full interaction with the crowd outside of Best Buy and my meeting with the Bawse himself. Awkward moments abound!

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 " AWSOME !!! You got balls there lady.... I said it ... BALLS" 

Ydnar Orip
Ydnar Orip

"so he literally just came out of you"...awesome


Now that you're in with The Boss, what you think about County Grind Night IV: Ricky Rozay....or atleast Mini Ross. 


Your vid had me cracking up. Nice work. 



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