Local Musicians Share Memories of Respectable Street Cafe on the Club's 25th Anniversary

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Ian Witlen
The Swans at Respectable Street Cafe

In the cutthroat nightlife world, it's a big huge deal when a venue survives two or three years, let alone 25. West Palm Beach's alternative rock club Respectable Street Café managed to endure just that many as of this Saturday. It's comparable only to the legendary heights of clubs like D.C's 9:30 Club and San Francisco's the Fillmore. To put things in perspective, Respectable Street is the longest running live music and dance club in the Southeastern United States.

Thus, it's fitting that Respectable Street is celebrated in style. The entire 500 block of Clematis Street will be blocked off to ring in their silver anniversary. This quarter century generated tons of memories for us locals. We caught up with members of bands performing bands at Respectable Street's block party this weekend to get them all nostalgic. Here are some top-shelf unforgettable moments spent at this venerable West Palm Beach institution.

Lead singer for booming West Palm Beach three-piece Lavola, Julia Cires:
"I had moved back from Tallahassee a few years back and went to the anniversary party to check out the music scene. In just one night, I witnessed skinheads moshing to an Animal Tropical set, the spectacle that is Viva La Vox ("whoa, zombie pirates!"), and State Of cover the Peanuts theme song. All I can really ask for in a night. "

Steve Abbott, lead singer of the swanking, ska-enamored Hard Richards:
"I saw some of the wildest shows of my life at Respectables. They include the Slackers, any of the Authority Zero shows, and Agent Orange. It is also the only club where I have lost my wedding ring on two different occasions in the pit (after playing, I always go out and dance for the other bands). Each time it was found!"

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I am a 52 year old female who at 15 years old saw the sex pistols on the nightly news ... and realized what I had  been waiting for in my musical prefferences.. .LlastSsaturday night I attended the show at Repectables, my son's band was playing the event. I  felt the same feeling I had at that event as when I first saw the pistols. Rodney thank you for continuing to be the forum for our local artist and for bring terrific shows to west palm beach.. punk or f--kin die!

Fernando Herman Soto
Fernando Herman Soto

groovenics filming "booty barn" video. some 10 years ago. or dashboard playing.

Ates Isildak
Ates Isildak

mine's the best, shouldn't put it so far back

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