Respectable Street Cafe's 25th Anniversary Block Party - West Palm Beach - August 25

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West Palm Beach
August 25, 2011

Better than: Getting only to see one band at an overpriced venue.

Once again Respectable Street Cafe showed that they can throw a truly extravagant and memorable fete. Celebrating "25 years of Oblivion" this Saturday night, 25 bands on four stages and scores of people braved that obnoxious lil' Isaac to listen to music and eat chicken wings. 

Headlined by The Misfits, this all night raunch fest came in at the sweet price of free. Crossing the very rare 25 year mark, the indie dance club has seen its share of shit by now, and the anniversary block party added one more rambunctious evening to their enduring legacy of fun. 

Respectables 25th Anniversary with Misfits (8_25_2012)_by Ian Witlen-2.jpg
Ian Witlen
To ensure an early crowd, the party got started like every night should, with a full hour of free boozing. It looked like Hurricane Issac wanted to join in on the festivities when a light drizzle fell right around 9 p.m. The crowd moved inside, just in time to catch Retrocities, a 3-piece from Pompano Beach. Playing together since 2008, this postpunk trio is clearly inspired by the likes of The Cure and Joy Division, focusing more on mastering chilled-out riffs and less on mind-bending lyrics. It wasn't the type of music that got people moshing, but the catchy songs would be nice to listen to at home in candlelight. Guitarist Vitek Benton let it be known, "I know you are here for the open bar, but thanks for listening to us," giving the soggy crowd some love.

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

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I am baffled by this very skewed review of the DAMN AMAZING performance from the Riot Agents! I am from Palm Beach and have to say that I had never heard anything like their music before. This band was one of my favorites from the entire night! Apparently she missed the part about the crowd moshing (me happily included) and the roar of applause as each song ended??!!  I actually have video that will help  refresh her questionable memory of the nights events (sending to authors email). My suggestion to this writer is to take a few more courses in the school of unbiased journalism - as she clearly doesn't know the first thing about punk rock (evidently so since she called this a metal thrash band...) or about giving accurate reviews. I must agree with Steve from the Hard Richards (another great band that night) and all the other people commenting- that the Riot Agents f**king rocked the place hands down!!! Do yourself a favor and check these guys out yourself cause I will DEFINITELY be at their next show!


Boy this lady had no idea how to write a review. The only thing she got right was The Hard Richards kicked ass. To post about bands apologizing on facebook and playin to an unappreciated crowd to say less was not very good reporting. Hey but to the bands she wrote bad about just remember bad press is sometimes good. Atleast the idiot mentioned your names unlike the other bands that were failed to be mentioned that were as awesome as the rest. This lady should be a food critic atleast she would only have to write about one thing at a time then maybe she wouldnt lose track about what she was doing. Lol Anyways the party was great. The Misfits were awesome. Happy Birthday Respectables.


I had a great time at this show! I loved the Hard Richards! I was part of the criwd for the Riot Agents and I loved them. The person who wrote this review could not have been outside the crowd had a pit going. I beleive the drummer and the lead singer said the crowd was soft. I enjoyed the music all the way to the Maiden cover that the whole crowd sang. Wow what a way to inaccurately post a review. The whole show was a complete success. WAY TO GO RESPECTIBLE STREETS YOU KNOW HOW TO PARTY!


We had a great freaking time ! Rodney and all of his staff know how to throw one hell of a party.

All of the bands really impressed us (The Hard Richards) with non stop energy and kept everybody moving and wanting more. I myself loved the hell out of The Riot Agents and am looking forward to rocking many more shows with them and any other band that joined us that evening. Thanks to everyone that helps keep this great scene alive and kicking (sometimes punching) but allways moving .



The show was awesome..I looked at your review and were we at the same show? The band on the back that you said was thrash metal is a pynk band..and A. A fight broke out..B the drummer told the people who were fighting they sucked.. C The Hard Richards thanked that band and said they liked them. PLEASE dont make a band look bad without knowing your facts..The crowd came to the band after the show and liked them. I came from Miami to support some of the bands and this was one.Riot Agents and Ordinary Boys..The Hard Richards killed it and The Darling sweethearts were freakn awesome. We moshed in the rain with the Misfits..if you need help with your reviews on bands please ask them to send people to help you watching each stage or dont write reviews. This was an awesome event! I will be there next year.

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