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First and foremost, we'd like to congratulate you, Congressman Ryan, on the Republican vice presidential nomination. Rep. Ryan, you've moved up the party ranks with the stealth of one of those hidden weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Good for you!

We know you're not just a handsome face. You have brains behind those chiseled cheek bones. You are, after all, chairman of the House Budget Committee. You've got the smarts, baby. Your stance on fiscal and budgetary issues has made you a Tea Party golden boy.

But c'mon, Pauly (may we call you that, Congressman?), in a recent interview you mentioned that your favorite musical act is subversive alt rap rock band Rage Against the Machine. Really? Considering your extra conservative views on abortion and gay rights, we don't think you actually took the time to sit down and listen to Rage's lyrics. There's no way you really listen to Rage Against the Machine, so we put together a lil' list of songs that will better suit your fancy. Listen to them as you get pumped for your big acceptance speech tonight at the Republican National Convention.
1. "Black Republican"
Last time we checked, the Romney/Ryan ticket had less than 1 percent of the African-American vote. Like zero. Finding those black Republicans has to be an issue weighing... well, not heavily, but somewhat on your mind. We picture you hitting play on this track from Nas and Jay Z as you contemplate what you can kinda do to earn their vote.

2. "Will the Fetus Be Aborted?"
Track 12 from Prairie Home Invasion, the classic 1994 album by outspoken, hardcore punk icons Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon will get some heavy Ryan iPod rotation.

Mr. Ryan, some lefty friends say if you get elected, you'll set the women's rights movement back 30 years. Can it be so? Sure, you said that rape is "just another method of conception," in defense of a fetus' right to life (that made one of our Obama-lovin' friends faint). Anyway, this song, you'll love it.

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Alex Rendon
Alex Rendon

Logical, need I point out that there is a link in the piece where readers can go and see the entire clip themselves. And secondly, this is a music blog for an alt weekly in Broward/Palm Beach, not Moveon.org, or even NPR. You are taking this way too seriously. But again, I do appreciate your support.

Alex Rendon
Alex Rendon

Thanks for reading Logical and for pointing out the typo. That is all that it was, not a blatant misquote.  It has been corrected. Always appreciate the click!


I'm no Ryan supporter, but I hate bad journalism worse than I hate Republicans. You can't just misquote him for your own benefit. You have in quotation marks that Ryan said rape was "just another method of contraception." First of all, I believe you mean "conception." Second of all, that is NOT what he said. Your quotes and miswording change the entire meaning. He said "the method of conception doesn't change the definition of 'life'." Technically speaking, he is correct: whether a fetus was conceived by consent or force doesn't affect the definition of when life begins. But he did not flippantly say that rape was, "just another method of conception." Those words never left his mouth, and you have them in quotes. You need to debate his point of view as it stands, not act like Fox News and blatantly misquote someone to benefit your point. Shoddy journalism. Even for a rag blog.


 @Alex Rendon Exactly, which is why the misquote is so blatant - you have the link right there. Regardless of the quality you want to align yourself with, you're putting your voice out there and adding to the discussion. Distortion is distortion and it's unwelcome and spreads in the form of misquotes like wildfire. I saw your link all over Facebook, and people just repeat what they read. With a discussion as heated as this one, misquotes that greatly affect the meaning of a statement only hinder real discussion when everyone starts repeating incorrect information. Even music blogs deserve to operate with integrity. I don't think other quality music blogs in other alt newspapers would appreciate you trivializing their reporting and essays, humorous or otherwise, by saying that falsely quoting a VP nominee in a heated issue is just fine. Respect the field of journalism if you're going to take a stake in it.


 @Alex Rendon My comment wasn't that long, did you really not read all of it, or did you have trouble comprehending? Your error was not just a typo. The word "contraception" to "conception" was a typo. The part where you quoted Ryan as calling rape "just another method of conception" instead of his actual statement of "the method of conception doesn't change the meaning of 'life'", was not a typo. That was a blatant misquote and distortion by a hack journalist. It changes the entire meaning of the statement. Have some respect for what you do and leave the lying to Ryan.

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