Lemonheads, with Juliana Hatfield, Coming to Miami's Grand Central, October 28

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Evan Dando and his Lemonheads' career trajectory is harder to plot than a ballistic path, without the aid of a TI-82x and hyperbolic formulae. 

When we first heard of the Lemonheads, they were a poppy alternative to grunge with a cute lady bassist. Prior to that, they were a strange hybrid of Hüsker Dü, Black Flag, and the Replacements. The albums after 1992's It's A Shame About Ray have their strong points, but are excluded from the '90s Indie Rock Canon -- which is a shame. 2006's self-titled record holds up as a solid follow up to Ray, thanks in part to half of SoCal punk icons The Decendents acting as Dando's backing band and producers. 

We're pleased to learn that Juliana Hatfield will be re-joining the Lemonheads when they play Grand Central on October 28. She's the Kim Deal to Dando's Frank Black, except Dando --when he isn't hitting the crack pipe -- is slightly prettier than Black and as cute as Deal and Hatfield. His baritone gravel sounds best when backed by her soaring neon melodies. 

Hopefully Dando stalks himself on Google -- or Bing or Lycoseek -- and he's reading this. Cuz, Evan, baby, here are the songs we need you to play.

5. "Fucked Up"
This three chord slice of pop-punk is probably a song they wouldn't play. It was originally recorded with ex-co-frontman Jesse Peretz sharing lead vocal duties. It's sloppy and childish and perfect. It needs to be played.

4. "Style"
This is one of their best. In a different universe it would've been a hit. Come on, "I don't wanna not get stoned" should be tattooed on a lot more buttholes.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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@ThatBloggerGurl omg her Spin the Bottle song and the Reality Bites soundtrack was all I cared about as a teen

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