Jack White's B Show at L.A.'s Boyle Heights: a Tourist's Tale (Photos)

Jack White B Show-6825.jpg
Paul Rubenstein and Christian Clarke
Can Jack White save music? No, Jack White cannot save music. Generally, the public's taste just isn't that good. But he can save my type of music. And he is. 

I landed at LAX on Friday afternoon, and as per out-of-state residency requirements, my first stop was In-N-Out burger. I met up with my old buddy, Jeopardy Paul, and proceeded to dig in. Animal Style juices running down my chin, I checked a text on my cell phone. It was from @ThirdManRRS. It said, "Jack White B show. B there. B square. Mariachi Pizza. Boyle Heights. 3:30 p.m." The time of the text was 2:34 p.m. I didn't even know where Boyle Heights was, let alone a Mexican pizza joint. The Double Doubles went in the trash, and we ran to the car. 

Jack White B Show-6834.jpg
Paul Rubenstein and Christian Clarke
I had been following Jack White's B shows for the past week. Chicago's was a small record store, and Denver's had been at an automotive parts shop. But a pizza joint, East of the L.A. River? We hopped on the 10 and headed for downtown. There just isn't any way to get anywhere in L.A. on a Friday afternoon. From Venice, it was a 20-mile and possibly hourlong drive to our destination. We were gridlocked and split time zigging and zagging and making good use of the shoulder.  

Jack White B Show-6795.jpg
Paul Rubenstein and Christian Clarke


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@goEastLos His drumset is awesome.


@KimHuston the drummer Carla Azar (also plays for Autolux) rocked those drums! She was badass.


@goEastLos Yeah! I saw the Shrine show. Cymbals were flying!

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