Top Ten Best Broward County Rappers: Part 1, With Hi-Rez, Platini, and Jay Burna

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It's no secret the spotlight shines on South Florida when hip-hop is the topic of discussion. Sometimes, though, it seems the up-and-coming rappers sprouting up in the tricounty area receive more notoriety due to those who preceded them rather than the presence of actual talent. But not always. 

With mixtape websites providing easier access for the world to listen to South Florida's flow, newer artists are gaining the ears and attention of those outside the Sunshine State. The pool of musicians, however, can seem congested with wannabes and duds. To simplify things for you, we sifted through the many musical elements of the web and took a good look around our area to offer a list of lesser-known rappers whose skills, we think, should not go unnoticed. Here is part one of Broward County's best rappers. 

6. Knowledge Medina

When you have Numonics producing your entire EP, along with REKS and J. Nics as guest features, then there's something positive to be said about your capabilities as a rapper.

Known more locally for his Grind Time freestyle battles, Knowledge Medina has made a transition few battlers see success with, given his competence to conceive of quality songs. And with the release of his Never Enough EP, Medina did so by infusing both sets of skills, battling, and songwriting, with lines like: 

No puzzle but I found the pieces/See, the ones that don't fit got guns and hold bricks/Good luck tryin' to reach them/Lot of stories but without a sequel/Just cause people got an ego/Figured out the difference between God and evil.

7. Jay Burna

After ending 2011 with the release of Burna's World in December, Jay Burna remained relatively quiet for the early part of 2012. Then the Fort Lauderdale MC released Winters Summer, an 18-track project of freestyles over popular songs such as "Ima Boss," "Shot Caller," and "Underground King," this June.

But the down time in between projects has not affected the young rhymer's ability to pen creative and thoughtful content. On his "Hiiigh Power" freestyle, Burna raps:

But slowly building my currency/I got a mansion in my mind/More knowledge to furnish me/Arson it purposely for this furnace in me/Releasing heat that you'll receive.

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