B-52's - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - August 22

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Never in my whole life have I ever been as starstruck as when I first saw Fred Schneider in real life. It was 2006, and I spotted him as I left the john at a Cat Power show in New York. I've been in the room with presidents, sat at tables with movie stars, hell, I introduced myself to Rick Ross as Rick Ross, but Fred Schneider? Big time butterflies. So, of course, I headed on down to Hollywood last night to see what it actually feels like inside of the Love Shack. 

The B-52's concert at Hard Rock Live was announced sort of recently. Usually, shows there are planned way in advance, but this one, it was like, "it's August 22, already?!" Perhaps that's why the theater last night wasn't exactly packed. And, at first, the stage seemed very large. The crowd acted like they'd dined on Klonopin. It worried me. This is a band that sang the brilliant and hilarious words, "What's that on your head? A wig!!!" What if no one gives the B-Fifties any of their good stuff? 

Luckily, somewhere between "Wig" and the fantastic encore finale of... well, we'll get there... the crowd shed their sedated state and ended up dancing with abandon. 

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Hard Rock Live

1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL

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