TGIF: Top 10 Videos of Animals Dancing to Reggaeton


If we have to spend another minute in this cubicle pushing papers and farming dust, we're gonna snap.

Thankfully, there are approximately six hours 'til we can GTFO of the office for a few days and pretend like we're never going back.

And as far as making the last stretch of our weekly death sentence fly by? Well, that's what videos of animals dancing to reggaeton are for.

10. Un Perro
What? Did you miss that episode of Lassie where Timmy fell in the well and the only way his adventurous pet canine could save him was by winning a dirty dance-off?

9. Un Gato
If you "'tought you taw a puddy cat" dancing to reggateon, well, it's cause you did, bro.

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