Kristen Stewart Cheated on Robert Pattinson?! Five Reasons He Should Have Done It First

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Be still my temporarily beating vampire heart! The rumors are true. Kristen Stewart cheated on our most beloved toothy Brit, Robert Pattinson, better known to the Twi-Hard community as Edward Cullen.

Last night, the news broke of Kristen's affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director, 41-year old Rupert Sanders. She's like 22. And to be quite frank, we lost our shirt. KStew cheating on RPatz?! There are so many things absolutely wrong with this picture.

We could probably think of at least a billion reasons why it should've been him sneaking around on her. But, we don't want to torture you too much. So, here's a list of five reasons why Robert Pattinson probably should've cheated on Kristen Stewart first.

5. Have you seen Robert Pattinson?
No, seriously. Have you ever really stopped and stared at his stunningly handsome, perfectly symmetrical face? How could you ever cheat on that chiseled, brooding man? Sigh. And if you thought it was all just some Photoshop, think again. A personal run in with the vampire proved otherwise (that is a story for another time). He is just that gorgeous in real life.

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Jess Ica
Jess Ica

It wasn't really short-lived. They've been together almost 4 years, easily. Just proof that these celebrities we hold up on a pedestal are only human.

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