Adrian Grenier's Band the Honey Brothers' Video Shoot Shuts Down Radio-Active Records (Video)

Mikey Ramirez
You might remember, a few months back, the Honey Brothers took over Radio-Active Records to shoot their "She's Got No Love" video. The pop-folk, indie, Paul Simon-sounding group's big claim to fame is that its drummer is dreamy Entourage actor Adrian Grenier.

Director Ari Gold created this charming and heartwarming video. Not Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold as a music video director but the filmmaker by the same name. Why'd they pick Radio-Active as their set? Well, it is one of the raddest record stores, well, period, to be certain. But also, a gig at the area's W led these boys south and over to this Fort Lauderdale gem.

Owner Mikey Ramirez even makes a cameo because, he says, the original actor dropped out. Ramirez tells us the shoot took more than ten hours. As you can see, it was a bit of a complex project, featuring a ton of different cuts and mini scenes. The store isn't a stranger to the bright lights and cameras, though. When Arielle Castillo first reported on this for County Grind, she found out, "This makes the fifth music video to be filmed at the store and only the second to be shot there by a national artist." Pretty nice for a lil' record shop located right here in Broward County.

Oh, and despite what you see in the video, Radio-Active is definitely not going out of business. Watch it here.

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Radio-Active Records

845 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Ken Schoenberg
Ken Schoenberg

True...the music world is so inundated with awesome talent nowadays it's a shame to clutter up with this.

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