Blog Find: Popthomology's 31 Questionable Album Covers Found in South Florida

marianne spellman record.jpg
Marianne Spellman

Seattle-based blogger and photographer Marianne Spellman, who sometimes works with our sister paper Seattle Weekly, has been rooting through dusty old record bins here in South Florida and coming out with gold. On her blog Popthomology, she shared the post "31 Weird Album Covers From Florida Thrift/Record Stores," proving, yet again, that Florida is world headquarters for all things that are at first frightening and later funny. 

Whether you're Jewish, Hispanic, white, black, Christian, or you dig family pics with under-clothed children, there's something for you on there. We don't want to give them away all the goodie LP covers but rather direct you toward her nice list of creepy finds

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