Seven Reasons Ringo Starr Is the Most Badass Beatle in A Hard Day's Night

Everybody loves beating on Ringo Starr -- he's got a weird face, they say, and isn't he the one who wrote that song about the submarine? Don't forget too that apocryphal tale of someone asking John Lennon if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, to which he allegedly replied, "He isn't even the best drummer in the Beatles."

There's also the very real quote from longtime manager producer George Martin:

''[Lennon] was the soul of the Beatles, Harrison was the spirit,'' he said. ''Paul was the heart, and Ringo was the drummer.''

Well, there won't be any Ringo-bashing here, no sir. The 71-year-old former Beatle is still touring, and he's coming to Hard Rock Live tonight at 8. As a primer -- and a lesson for anyone who might think of Ringo as the Meg Griffin of Liverpool -- here are seven pieces of evidence from A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles' 1964 feature film, that show why Richard Starkey is definitely the most badass Beatle.

1. He came up with the name of the movie.
No-brainer here. "A hard day's night" was one of many "Ringoisms" -- things he'd say that made just enough sense to, you know, write songs about and stuff. (For anyone interested: The movie title came first -- the song was after that.)

2. He's the dealer.
Bored on the train ride to their television appearance, the boys want to play some cards. Ringo takes charge when no one else will, giving 'em the old Liverpool shuffle and winning -- even though that rat Lennon is cheating:


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It wasn't a quote from George Martin, but from Larry Martin, a professional guitarist. Small but significant difference. Visiting the site of lennon's murder, December 09, 2001 ''Lennon was the soul of the Beatles, Harrison was the spirit,'' Martin said. ''Paul was the heart, and Ringo was the drummer.''
You provide a link to the report, but misread the quote.


Go Ringo Go You forgot he came up with the title of Tommorrow never knows one of their trippiest songs


It was, Ringo. Watch the movie again. 


It was George who said , "I'm a mocker."

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