On to the Next: The Reckless Dames Leave Green Room

courtesy of The Reckless Dames
The Reckless Dames aren't afraid to play with fire and never get burned.

After a yearlong weekly gig at the Green Room Nightclub, the Reckless Dames have parted ways with their burlesque home-base venue.

According to a Green Room rep, "We [Green Room] decided to stop doing the weekly burlesque because we want to stagger our entertainment." The spokesperson continued by saying, "We love the Reckless Dames... They've helped shape Green Room's identity from the inception of Saturdays, and we will continue to work with them by adding them to selective nights." Essentially, this is just a hiatus so that Green Room can expand its entertainment showcases, including live music. They added that they will host "selective nights that solely feature their burlesque troop."

The Reckless Dames responded to Green Room's cuts by saying, "We've been at Green Room since they opened." Dames' frontwoman, Miss Onyx Star, went on to acknowledge, "We love working for Green Room so much, we considered it our home base," but she admits that "unfortunately, the night has died down." The Dames, which include Eva Patron, Jezebelle Red, and Miss Rex Rex, confirmed Green Room's statement regarding their separation with the troupe. They noted that regardless of the recent split, the relationship is still strong. "They [Green Room] agree we are the best burlesque in South Florida -- so they plan to bring us back every so often to have a tribute night." About finding a new spot to strip, "It will take a lot to fill Green Room's shoes."

In the meantime, the Reckless Dames are searching for new venues to add to their résumé and for these new glass slippers to fit. The ladies have performed at The Catalina Hotel in South Beach, host a weekly "Reckless Monday" event at the Speakeasy in Lake Worth, and have been featured at both Propaganda and the Blue Martini in West Palm Beach.

This Friday, the burlesque queens will bring their fire show to Off the Hookah in downtown Fort Lauderdale's Riverfront district. The group is excited to bring its own version of "fire play" to OTH. "We have our own style," Star tells us. "We aren't traditional... But we will never forget where we -- and the art of tease -- came from."


The Reckless Dames, Friday, June 15, for "Risque Hideaway" cabaret show at Off the Hookah, 300 SW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

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