PureHoney Eleven and Five Shows Steve Rullman Won't Be Missing (Hint: Crocodiles and Best Coast Included)

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The eleventh edition of PureHoney, the guide to all of South Florida's musical shows and more, has hit stores, cafes, and the internet year you. You can grab it Radio-Active Records, or just about any place that's actually cool, or, for the recluses, simply click here.

Each month, Steve Rullman puts together this fantastic resource, filled with local happenings, and creates an accompanying mixtape. Rullman says, "This issue is a bit unique in the sense that virtually all of the tracks on the free downloadable compilation have something to do with upcoming shows and are featured in the book." It's like a prep guide and soundtrack for your crazy South Florida nightlife. "Most of the bands this month are based in Florida. Usually we just select songs that we really, really, really like. This time around, however, some of the songs picked us based on the zine's content. The songs are great. And we learned about some bands we hadn't heard before."

We asked Rullman to tell us five shows he won't be missing out on listed in this edition. Click over to read what's not to miss in July and download the mix.

5. Crocodiles
"Crocodiles were selected because: A) We love them, and B) They are coming to town to play Respectable Street and Vagabond." 'Nuff said by Rullman. Besides, everyone loves a girl drummer!

4. Antiwarpt Festival
Rullman's looking forward to seeing the six bands playing St. Pete's Antiwarpt Festival on July 28, one of which is Miami's Jacuzzi Boys. He says, "They (the festival) bought the poster in our giant poster centerfold this month!"

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